Who Are Our Members

The field of Business Resiliency is diverse and may include professional working on the following areas:

Ø   Business Resiliency

Ø   Business Continuity

Ø   Contingency Planning

Ø   Disaster Recovery

Ø   Information Technology Availability

Ø   Vendor and Supply Chain Availability

Ø   Continuity of Operations

Ø   Emergency Management

Ø   Operational Risk Management

Ø   Incident Management

Ø   Program Management

Ø   Information Security

Areas of interest and knowledge include but are not limited to:

Ø   Program Management

Ø   Operational Risk Management

Ø   Risk Disposition Strategies

Ø   Business Capabilities Analysis

Ø   Crisis Communications

Ø   Resource Management

Ø   People Safety

Ø   Incident management

Ø   Continuous Improvement Strategies

Ø   Exercises and testing

Ø   Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

Ø   Disaster and Humanitarian relief

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